Investment philosophy

We believe in active investing. We do not follow indices as we strongly believe that in order to succeed in our focus area, Emerging markets, an active investment approach is vital.

Actively managed funds

Our investment philosophy emphases an active, as well as responsible asset management. We do not follow indices in constructing and managing our portfolios. Instead we identify the most interesting themes for each region and invest in the companies which we expect will most likely benefit from these. To succeed in that we know the companies that invest in thoroughly.

Our expertise in emerging markets

Emerging markets and especially the next generation Frontier countries is what defines our investment DNA. FIM was one of the international pioneers investing in the Middle East and today we draw upon this experience through our renowned Frontier market funds.

Frontier markets are characterized as having attractive long-term growth prospects and strong return potential due to a rapidly growing new middle class. We believe that investing via a mutual fund is often the most advantageous way to enter these markets as the capital markets in these regions are still relatively undeveloped, which makes diversification and stock selection decisive. 

Sustainable investing

According to our investment philosophy, we are convinced that sound and successful asset management builds upon thorough evaluation of financial as well as ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) risks. Consequently, all of our funds incorporate processes that take into account ESG factors.

We are a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and an initiator of Finsif, Finland’s Sustainable Investment Forum.

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GIPS report

FIM Asset Management Ltd has been granted the international GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standards) certificate in recognition of the quality of its operations.

The purpose of GIPS quality standards is to improve the comparability of asset managers by creating standards for the methods the companies use to report the success of their investment activities. Among other things, the rules and principles defined in the standards guide the processing of data, the methods used for calculating the returns and the way in which the returns of investments are presented.

For further information on GIPS, visit the website of the CFA Institute at 

The GIPS report of FIM Asset Management Ltd is published once a year in English. FIM’s GIPS report was verified by Ernst & Young.

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