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FIM is an asset management company originally founded in Finland. Since 2005, we have also been operating in Stockholm, offering our actively managed funds to institutions, businesses and private investors via our Nordic partners. FIM has one of the most experienced and active emerging markets teams in the Nordic countries. Our latest investment area is the next generation of emerging markets, the “border markets”, which offer a high yield potential and diversification benefits over time.

Our aim is to generate tangible added value for our customers by positioning ourselves actively on the market. We do not follow indexes; we forge our own path and invest in companies that are attractive. Good, sustainable investments require that we are familiar with the companies in which we invest. To that end, FIM’s asset managers visit every year more than 1,500 companies around the world.

Sustainability is a key facet of our operations. FIM is a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, which means that we monitor environmental, social, and corporate governance issues in our portfolio companies. We believe in active influence and work together with other investors to promote sustainable operational principles in our prospective portfolio companies.

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FIM’s predecessor, Finansmäklarna, was founded in 1987 in Helsinki, Finland, as Finanssimeklarit Oy. Originally, it provided solely stock market intermediary services. After a number of ownership changes and being renamed FIM in 1992, its operations expanded when the subsidiary company FIM Asset Management Ltd was founded in 1994. The same year saw the establishment of FIM’s very first fund, FIM Forte, which focused on the global stock market. In 1998, we launched the first Russia-focused fund in Finland, FIM Russia.

In March 2005, FIM Asset Management Ltd established a branch office in Stockholm. Since then, FIM’s Nordic operations have grown steadily, and today we have several partners distributing our funds in Sweden and Norway. In addition to fund distribution, FIM engages in regular cooperation with the Stockholm School of Economics, involving various project within the field of economic research.

We launched our first frontier market fund, FIM Sahara, in 2006 and the second fund, FIM Frontier, in 2013. In 2013, FIM joined the Finnish S-Bank, which constitutes part of the customer-owned S Group in Finland.


Over the years, FIM’s operations have won recognition on several occasions. There is more information about the awards below.

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