FIM is a Finnish asset manager specialized in emerging markets. FIM was founded in 1987 in Helsinki and today we offer a unique selection of actively managed mutual funds to institutional investors in the Nordics, as well as the rest of Europe. We serve our international clients through our Stockholm office.

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Expertise in Emerging markets

Our focus is on Emerging Markets and especially on the next generation Frontier Markets. FIM has been managing assets in emerging markets since the 1990s. Thus we have Nordic’s one of the most experienced and active emerging market teams. We believe in active investing. We do not follow indices in constructing and managing our portfolios as we strongly believe that in order to succeed in Emerging markets, an active investment approach is vital.

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Recognized excellence

We have been awarded for our expertise. The head of FIM’s Emerging Market team and fund manager Hertta Alava has been ranked several times as one of the most successful frontier fund managers globally by the financial research company Citywire.

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